open-end ˈopen-end adjective [only before a noun]
an open-end fund or trust does not have a fixed number of shares:

• an open-end mutual fund

* * *

open-end UK US adjective
(also open-ended) FINANCE used to describe an investment fund in which shares can be bought at any time because there are no limits to how many shares are available: »

This is an open-end fund that invests in publicly traded companies.

(also open-ended) FINANCE used to describe a loan in which extra amounts of money can be borrowed later with the same conditions as the original loan
US OPEN-ENDED(Cf. ↑open-ended): »

workers on open-end contracts

Compare CLOSED-END(Cf. ↑closed-end), OEIC(Cf. ↑OEIC)

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